Endorsement News!


DFNYC is proud to announce our endorsements in the primary and general election for 2014! After feedback from our members and a voting period that ended on Tuesday, our members have chosen to endorse the following candidates:


~Governor - Zephyr Teachout

Gov. Andrew Cuomo  7%

Zephyr Teachout 87%

No Endorsement 6%

(Note: A write in vote stating "Vote WFP" was attributed to Gov. Cuomo)


~Lt. Governor - Tim Wu

Kathy Hochul  6%

Tim Wu  92%

No Endorsement  2%

(Note: A write in vote stating "Vote WFP" was attributed to Kathy Hochul.


~State Senate District 31 - No Endorsement (Our threshold is 60%)

Adriano Espaillat  50%   

Robert Jackson  39%

No Endorsment  11%

Additional Endorsements

Percentages will be posted here later today. 

NYS Senate District 11 - Queens - John Liu*

NYS Senate District 14 - Queens - Leroy Comrie

NYS Senate District 19 - Brooklyn - Dell Smitherman

NYS Senate District 33 - Bronx - Gustavo Rivera

NYS Senate District 34 - Bronx - Oliver Koppell

State Senate District 22 - Southern Brooklyn - Jamie Kemmerer

Congressional District 11 - SI & Southern Brooklyn - Domenic Recchia

*Our newsletter emailed on Sept. 4th erroneously stated that we endorsed Tony Avella in the 11th. (We have supported Avella in past campaigns.) 

Thank you to our vote counters!

DFNYC wishes to extend a big thank you to our volunteer vote counters, who were diligent and patient with our process and extended deadline: Leah Brown and Kesh Ladduwahetty in D.C., and Jennifer Boysko in Virginia. Jennifer is running for Virginia House of Delegates!  JenniferBoysko.com


About the Voting Process:

DFNYC members who had attended 2 events from Nov. 17th, 2011 to Tuesday, August 12, were eligible to vote.  DFNYC is committed to the principle of the secret ballot. After getting feedback from our members in 2012, we moved to an online system, and we preserve anonymity by having trusted DFA activists from outside New York count the ballots. (This year, one vote counter was a DFA activist while the other was not affiliate with DFA.) No one in DFNYC knows who anyone voted for.


Questions? Comments?

Email us at info-at-dfnyc.org.

About Us: 

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