DFNYC statement on Eric Garner case

We at Democracy for New York City (DFNYC) are shocked and appalled by the decision of the grand jury in Staten Island to not indict the police offer who choked out Eric Garner.  This incident was captured on video and witnessed by many people.   Eric Garner's wife and children were entitled to see the police officer in this case answer for his actions in a fair trial.  This is another case where racial and class biases have hindered, if not prevented, a chance for citizens to have justice under the law.   We call for this matter to be taken up in federal court.  DFNYC will continue to work with progressive groups and community leaders in our city to ensure that the day will come when people, regardless of race or class, can live their lives without fear. We call on the Mayor, City Council, Police Commissioner and our elected representatives to enact much needed reforms.