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Tell the GOP House members to stop having meaningless votes!

Later this week, more than likely on Wednesday, the Republicans in the House will again vote to repeal President Obama's Affordable Care Act.  This will be another in a long line of bills that Boehner's House  leadership puts up for a vote and passes that have no chance of making it into law.  They are once again using the House floor, and the publicity of getting a vote passed to fire up the right wing base.

Nothing fires up the right wing these days more than appearing to fight the Health Care Law. This is the 31st vote they've taken to repeal or defund part or all of Obamacare in 18 months  See the following link for the news story: 

It is a waste of time and money, and a misuse of power for Boehner and his colleagues in the GOP leadership to continue puttng through what amount to protest bills.  We need our lawmakers to focus on practical ways to solve our problems, not spending taxpayer money having meaningless votes.

Our friend Timothy Foley at Greater NYC For Change has created an online petition on to call out the House leadership on their continued use of pointless House votes for partisan purposes

We encourage our members to sign on and forward to people on your contact list who might be interested.  Every signature will automatically cause a copy of the message to go to that persons House representative.  It is time for our lawmakers to all act more responsibly.

As the President says, we must move forward in this country.