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Petitioning is one of the most important contributions you can make to a campaign. It initiates personal voter contact which is essential to winning elections.  We need more progressive voices in New York City government fighting for us, for our issues, and for our communities.

DFNYC has prepared a helpful guide to petitioning in NYC which you can download and view HERE. (pdf)

You can petition for one of DFNYC's endorsed candidates or the candidate of your choosing.  The petitioning period to qualify for the September Democratic primary election (Tues, Sept.14, 2010) takes place the Tuesday after the first Monday in June and ends in July. Sign up for petitioning today with one of DFNYC endorsed candidates or the candidate of your choice and check the website and newsletter for fun DFNYC petitioning events.  (You must be a registered Democrat in New York to carry petitions for Democratic candidates.  You can carry petitions for anyone in the city or state.  You do not have to live in the district.)