DFNYC calls for ban on assault weapons

In response to the heartbreaking tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, DFNYC is joining with Democracy for America, Move On, Act Now and many other progressive organizations in calling for a nationwide ban on all automatic assault weapons

DFA has started a petition and we encourage everyone to sign it:


In addition we urge everyone to call their New York state lawmakers and demand that the legislature in Albany pass meaningful gun control laws in the new year.  Measures that have been previously considered and not passed by the state senate, and need to be reintroduced include:

1. Micro Stamping-- This would require the casings of ammunition purchased in New York state to be marked, so that all bullets fired can be traced directly to the buyer.  Were such a system in place in Connecticut, we would be able to know where this person got the hollow point bullets used.  This legislation was brought up last year and killed by the GOP leadership in the state senate. 


2. Limit gun purchases in the state by any individual to one per month.


3. (Most importantly) Ban the sale of assault weapons anywhere in the state except for use by the military, the police or at firing ranges in the presence of qualified instructors.  Nobody needs these weapons at home.

There will be a lot more going on soon.  We must press President Obama to call for federal legislation banning assault weapons so write the White House!  We must do all we can to prevent further massacres!  This is the way we can honor the memory of those children who were slain.

In addition, this Sunday, please join Brooklyn State Senator Eric Adams, noted civil rights attorney Norman Siegel, and concerned organizations around the city including DFNYC, as we participate in a special event in honor of the children of Sandy Hook Elementary.  This event is "Hands Across the Brooklyn Bridge", and it is intended to show the community's commitment to end gun violence and get assault weapons off the street.  New Yorkers from around the city will link hands on the Brooklyn Bridge in a strong and highly visible message to President Obama and our other elected officials.  A message that we demand action and we demand it now.

This event will be just before sunset on Sunday evening, and we will inform of the exact time and location to meet as soon as it is announced.