Advocate for Sandy Victims in the Rockaways & Hamilton Beach - 3 Quick Phone Calls


DFNYC and more than 45 other organizations have signed on to a letter calling on the Governor and Mayor to acknowledge the problems facing the disadvantaged areas of Far Rockaway and Hamilton Beach after Hurricane Sandy.  There have been deaths from hypothermia, lack of hot food and nutrient supplements, and risk of asphyxiation from using gas stoves to heat apartments.

We are very happy to see that Gov. Cuomo has requested $30 billion from FEMA and we want to make sure that it is spent effectively.  There is concern that the Rockaways, which can be difficult to access and include some of the City's poorest residents, are not getting fair treatment. Click here to read Joe Nocera's op-ed in The New York Times. Also, volunteers on the ground are noticing far more needs and problems then the official reports that elected officials are receiving.

Please take just a moment to call the elected officials below, and ask that they insure that the Rockaways and Hamilton Beach receive the resources they need, for now and to rebuild their futures.

Governor Andrew Cuomo
-Albany Office Phone: 518-474-8390

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn
-District Office- Phone: 212-564-7757; Fax: 212-564-7347
-Legislative Office- Phone: 212-788-7210; Fax: 212-788-7207

Queens Borough President Helen Marshall
-Office Phone: 718-286-3000; Fax: 1-718-286-2876

Click here for the full letter to Gov. Cuomo & Mayor Bloomberg.


Map showing of Far Rockaway. (Scroll down - NYT article from 2008.)

Basic map of NYC highlighting Rockaway Penninsula (Article about letter from artists)