Contribute to Democracy for NYC

Democracy for New York City was founded in 2004 by local activists who had volunteered for Howard Dean's campaign for President.  After his campaign ended, we joined with many progressives around the country who wanted to continue pursuing Governor Dean's vision of a Democratic Party that is true to its tradition and values, and champions the rights of those who struggle every day to survive.    

For ten years we have fought for democracy every day in our city and beyond.  Your donations help us continue our work to fight for socially progressive, fiscally responsibly policies and candidates throughout New York City and beyond.  


To Contribute, please contact us at info -at-, replace -at- w/@. We just need to make sure we comply with federal regulations for PACs. 

Great value for your progressive dollar:

We are an all-volunteer group! Our expenses are small but significant - examples include: website hosting, database management for grassroots organizing, and transportation and other costs for volunteers to campaign for great Democrats outside NYC who are fighting to take back Congress.

Note:  Though we work closely with Democracy for America, we are not funded by them. DFA and DFNYC are two completely separate organizations. We encourage you to give to both.