Democratic Leadership for the 21st Century is an independent organization of young, progressive New Yorkers. Since 1993, DL21C has been dedicated to increasing the political awareness and participation of a new generation of New Yorkers. DL21C is the premier political group for young people in New York and serves as a model for grassroots organizing nationwide.

DL21C offers a series of forums featuring prominent politicians and public officials. DL21C maintains Issue Committees that focus on research and policy development. DL21C coordinates a Campaign Clearinghouse in each election cycle to organize volunteers on campaigns. Over 1,000 members of DL21C were plugged in to the Kerry/Edwards campaign in Ohio, Florida, Iowa, New York, Pennsylvania, Nevada and New Mexico. Members served as
lawyers, election monitors, and poll watchers - made tens of thousands of phone calls, visited hundreds of pollsites, and knocked on thousands of doors.

DL21C forums feature America's top elected officials, candidates, and policymakers. In 2003 DL21C hosted a Road to the White House series which featured each of the 2004 Presidential contenders. DL21C hosts a Political Author Series that has featured such luminaries as Sidney Blumenthal, David Brock, and Eric Alterman. In the coming year, DL21C will be hosting potential candidates for the NYC Mayoral race in 2005 and the Gubernatorial race in 2006.

DL21C has hosted numerous debates on topics like welfare reform, hospital privatization, drug legalization, electoral reform and school vouchers. DL21C regularly conduct Straw Polls among young voters to determine their candidate preferences. Over 1,400 people participated in the 2001 Straw Poll featuring the candidates for Mayor, Comptroller, and Public Advocate.

For a complete list of their past events please check out www.dl21c.org.