New York Congressional Delegation, including competitive races

2012 is a confusing year  of redistricting and primaries on both June 26th & September 13th.  Here's a list of New York State's Congressional delegation, organized by old district numbers, and providing new district numbers and hot races.  Thomas Kaplan of the NY Times has a good explanation of NY redistricting here.

To find your Congressional district  click here, then scroll down to your district number to see the name of your rep, and if there's a competitive race. Click here to find your City Council District, Community District, and Election District.

2012 re-matches of 2010 races:   Click here for an AP article on about some of the hot NY races.

Congressional Candidates - NYC Districts

Congressional District 5
Queens and Nassau
Current Representative Gary Ackerman (D)

~Election in 2012:  Ackerman is retiring. This is the new 6th district, and DFNYC-endorsed candidate Grace Meng faces Republican Dan Halloranin the general election on Nov. 6th. For more info, click here for our Hot Races page.

Congressional District 6
Current Representative Gregory Meeks (D) (running for new district 5)

Congressional District 7
Bronx and Queens
Current Representative Joe Crowley (D) (running in the new 14th)

Congressional District 8
Manhattan and Brooklyn
Current Representative Jerry Nadler (D) (running in the new 10th)

Congressional District 9
Brooklyn and Queens
Current Representative Robert Turner (R)

~Election in 2012:  Incumbent Republican Bob Turner is not running for re-election to this seat.  Click here for the NYT article by Thomas Kaplan. He won the special election after former Congressman Anthony Weiner resigned.  This is new District 5, a generally safe Democratic district, and incumbent Congressman Gregory Meeks (old 6th district) is running for this seat.

Congressional District 10
Current Representative Edolophus Towns (D)

~Election in 2012:  Towns is retiring. Hakeem Jeffries, currently in the Assembly,  won the June 26th Democratic primary for this district, the new 8th.  He likely has no significant competition in the general election, but check back here for updates. (Or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you know something!)

Congressional District 11
Current Representative Yvette Clarke (D)

~Election 2012: This is the new 9th district. Yvette Clark won the Democratic primary on June 26th, and this is a safe Democratic district.

Congressional District 12
Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan
Current Representative Nydia Velazquez (D)

~ Election 2012:  This is the new 7th district. Nydia Velazquez had some Democratic challengers, but won the primary on June 26th. This is a safe Democratic district.

Congressional District 13
Staten Island and Brooklyn
Current Representative Michael Grimm (R)

~Election 2012: This is the new 11th District. Democrat Mark Murphy is challenging Grimm - click here for our DFNYC page on this race.

Congressional District 14
Manhattan and Queens
Current Representative Carolyn Maloney (D) (running for re-election in the new 12th)

Congressional District 15
Current Representative Charlie Rangel(D)

~Election 2012:  This is the new 13th. The Rangel-Espaillat primary on June 26 went into overtime. Incumbent Charlie Rangel has now won and Espaillat is running again for his State Senate seat. 

Congressional District 16
Current Representative José Serrano (D) (running for re-election in the new 15th)

Congressional District 17
Bronx, Westchester, Rockland
Current Representative Eliot Engel (D) (running for re-election in the new 16th)

Congressional Candidates - NY Districts (outside of NYC) 

1 - 4 are on Long Island:

Congressional District 1
Current Representative Tim Bishop (D)

~Election 2012: Bishop faces a strong challenge once again from 2010 candidate Republican Bill Altschuler.

Congressional District 2
Current Representative Steve Israel (D) (running for re-election in the new 3rd)

Congressional District 3
Current Representative Peter King (R) (running for re-election in the new 2nd)

Congressional District 4
Current Representative Carolyn McCarthy (D)

18 - 29 (now just 27) are upstate:

Congressional District 18
Current Representative Nita Lowey (D) (running for re-election in the new 17th)

Congressional District 19
All of Putnam County, most of Orange County, Southern Dutchess County, Northern Westchester County, and Northern Rockland County
Current Representative Nan Hayworth (R)

~Election 2012 - This is new district 18.  Sean Patrick Maloney won the June 26th Democratic primary and will face Republican incumbent Nan Hayworth on November 6th.

Congressional District 20
Current Representative Chris Gibson (R)

~ Election 2012:  Gibson, a Republican, is running for re-election in the new 19th,  which leans more Democratic than the old 20th.  His Democratic challenger is Julian Schreibman.

Congressional District 21
Current Representative Paul Tonko (D) (Tonko is running for re-election in the new 20th)

Congressional District 22
Current Representative Maurice Hinchey (D) (Hinchey is retiring; the old 22nd has been broken up among districts 18, 19, 22 & 23)

Congressional District 23
Current Representative Bill Owens (D) (Owens is running for re-election in new district 21)

Congressional District 24
Current Representative Richard L. Hanna (R) (Hanna is running for re-election in the new 22nd)

Congressional District 25
Current Representative Ann Marie Buerkle (R)

~Election 2012: This is new district 24.  Buerkle is being challenged by Democrat Dan Maffei, who previously held the seat and lost to Buerkle in 2010.

Congressional District 26
Current Representative Kathy Hochul (D)

~ Election 2012:  Hochul is now running in new district 27, against Republican Chris Collins.

Congressional District 27
Current Representative Brian Higgins (D)

~ Election 2012:  Brian Higgins is now running in the new district 26, against Republican Mike Madigan.

Congressional District 28 (eliminate for the 113th Congress in 2013)
Current Representative Louise Slaughter (D)

~ Election 2012:  Slaughter is now running in new district 25 against Republican Maggie Brooks.

Congressional District 29 (eliminate for the 113th Congress in 2013)
Current Representative Tom Reed (R)

~Election 2012: Reed is now running in new district 23,  and being challenged by Democrat Nate Shinagawa.