The Dean Dozen Class of 2012

We at DFNYC have, for the last eight years now, been proud to represent New York City as the local coalition group for Howard and Jim Dean's Democracy for America.  DFA strives to help elect the best progressives to office around the country, and during every cycle, Howard and Jim get together with the great people on their staff and select "The Dean Dozen'  These are the twelve candidates running for office this November that they have determined to be most worthy of the support of DFA members everywhere. In other words, the best darn progressives out there on the ballot!  This year's class of 2012 Dean Dozen has just been announced.  They are:


We encourage you to find ways to support these candidates in the coming weeks.  DFNYC will be having a letter writing/phone banking event on Sunday for Dean Dozen candidate Elizabeth Warren. hosted by Move On organizer and longtime DFA and DFNYC member Arlene Geiger.  Please come if you have the time!


Where:  240 West 98th Street

When:  5:30-8:30pm

RSVP Required: Please sign up at this link:




FYI, the Dean Dozen has been announced in every cycle since 2004.  The very first member of the first Dean Dozen was a young, then unknown state legislator running for U.S. Senate from Illinois.  A guy named Barack Obama.