DFNYC: What We Stand For


Democracy for NYC was started in 2004 by former volunteers of Gov. Howard Dean's presidential campaign.  

Join us as we make our voices heard on the issues:

● We want to overturn Citizens United & get Big $ out of politics.

● We want women, not politicians, to have control over their own bodies.

● We want marriage equality in all 50 states, a repeal of DOMA (Done!), and an end to discrimination based on sexual orientation.

● We want an economic policy that creates good sustainable jobs, not bailouts and deregulation for big banks.

● We want to stop fracking of natural gas in NY and across America.

● We want smart foreign policy, not the endless wars and excessive military contracting of the Bush years.

● We want to reform Albany & pass budgets on time.

● We want smart, creative policies to reduce crime, not excessive use of stop-and-frisk by local police and unchecked electronic surveillance by the federal government.

● We are happy that President Obama’s Affordable Care Act was upheld and we're continuing the push to ensure that every American has quality, accessible health care.

● We want so much more – including immigration reform, tenants rights, safe drinking water, a fair tax system, an end to excessive unchecked government surveillance, the list goes on!

● We want to elect candidates that are socially progressive and fiscally responsible - from President to local Democratic District Leader.