Instant Runoff Voting Proposed for New York


The high cost for the Oct. 1st, 2013 run-off election in NYC has renewed the discussion around Instant Run-off Voting.  We'll be discussing this issue at Linkup at 7pm on Oct. 2nd at Peculier Pub near NYU (click here).  Here's a few links:

High-Cost Runoff for Public Advocate’s Post Prompts Calls for Reform
Kate Taylor in the NY Times, 9/29/13

NYS-IRV - Citizens for Instant Run-off Voting in New York State

Wikipedia page -

A Proposal for New York: Instant Runoff Voting
Letter to the Editor of the NY Times From Dick Dadey, Exec. Dir of Citizens Union

City Council Elections Bill Would Move NYC To Instant Runoff Voting
Ellen Durkin in the Daily News, 6/12/13

Opinion: Instant-runoff voting – right reasons, wrong reform, April 4, 2011

A Split Vote on Alternative Electoral Systems
Carl Bialik in the WSJ, May 13, 2011